Berlitz® and Albany's Brighter Choice Charter Middle School Team Up to Use Panasonic HD Visual Communications System to Expand Language Options for Fifth Graders

Brighter Choice Charter Middle School for Girls (BCMS) was looking for an alternative way to expand language offerings for fi fth graders when it approached Berlitz in 2010. The timing was perfect. Berlitz had been having great success with a distance-learning English program for Panasonic employees and was eager to apply what they had learned to a new educational program with exciting potential.
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Panasonic HD Visual Communications System Takes Long-Distance Collaboration to the Next Level

Motivation for Installation
Getting to know our clients is central to what we do so it's been a common practice for our account and creative teams to travel to client locations or for clients to visit one of our facilities across the country. The problem is, it can be difficult and time consuming— not to mention expensive—to line up executive travel schedules and keep the creative planning process moving steadily forward. In other words, the critical step of creative planning can become too drawn out.
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Learning Resources Achieves Real-Time, Global Collaboration with Panasonic HD Visual Communications Systems

Logistics Challenge
For Learning Resources, communication between offi ces in Illinois, California and the United Kingdom was challenging because of the time difference and the need to share creative concepts with those locations in real time. With artists, product designers and marketing teams based in different locations, it took too long to move products through the development cycle from concept to manufacturing. Learning Resources President and Chief Executive Offi cer Etienne Veber wanted a solution "that would bridge the time difference between locations and unite them although they're miles apart."
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